January 2017

A New Year’s Message from the General Manager:

As we begin 2017, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal customers and our community for helping to make our progress and prosperity possible this year. It has been a year of transition and change for the company, it being my first full calendar year in the role of General Manager. Although it has been a year of change, we have also continued our commitment to supporting our customers through continuous innovation and development of technologies. In our busy year of growth and change, we will continue to push forward with new ideas, improvements, and a focus to provide the best customer experience possible.

BIT’s dedicated staff is our greatest asset and this year the team will continue to provide the exceptional quality service that you, our customers, have come to expect from us. As always, we remain dedicated to our mission of helping our neighbors by understanding their technology needs. We are proud of who we are.  Being in business for over 60 years is quite an accomplishment. We’re not perfect, but we have a dedicated team who is truly making a difference in your services and future services. We think that’s what makes us positively different.  Let me know how we’re doing.  I encourage your feedback and suggestions.

As we continue to make improvements we are also planning better services and higher internet speeds. Please look out for email notifications and check our website for updates and timelines for these new services. Even though we live in rural America, BIT is committed to bringing you the advanced technology that you expect and deserve.

We very much appreciate your continued and on-going support, and look forward to a successful 2017 as we work with you, our valued partners. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff at BIT, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy and joyous New Year.

Warmest Regards:

Michele Taylor


September 2016

Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative would like to welcome VCU to our community! BIT is proud to be able to service VCU and meet their network needs so that they may have access to critical information.
BIT has been working hard to deliver faster DSL speeds to our members. We recently announced 10/1 service, which is 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. At this time, 80% of our members are able to download at speeds close to or at 10 Mbps! This is very exciting, as it paves the way to continue to provide faster speeds to our members. We plan to continue to make modifications and upgrades so that the percentage of customers able to obtain these faster speeds increases. We look forward to the possibility of offering 25/3 Mbps in the near future because our ultimate goal is to provide our members a wide range of speeds to choose from to subscribe to.

March 2016

BIT is diligently working to improve our network and services:

  •  Back-up battery replacements at various sites that needed them.
  •  Generator repairs at remote locations to make sure your telephone service doesn’t go out, just because the power did.
  • Remote locations also received some software upgrades.
  • Upgrades on equipment have been done at a few remotes
  • Some older copper lines have been replaced
  • We introduced Unlimited Long Distance plans for our telephone customers  Everyone subscribed to DSL received a FREE speed increase! Customers subscribed to 1.5Mbs were upgraded to 3Mbs and 3Mbs subscribers were upgraded to 5Mbs. This was done at no additional cost to our DSL customers.
  • We implemented some cost-saving bundles! We now have Telephone and Unlimited Long Distance Bundles, Telephone and DSL Bundles and even Telephone, Unlimited Long Distance and DSL Bundles!! Talk about savings!!!
  • Our parking lot was in need of repairs, and it took a while, but the parking lot at BIT is looking good as new!


And we’re STILL working on improvements! Here’s a few:

  • Capital Credits Refund! If you haven’t received your Capital Credit check yet, you will be receiving it in the mail, at the address you have specified, any day now. BIT is retiring Capital Credits, and it’s been a while since a refund has come your way.. 10 years to be exact. The refund is for the year 1996, so if you had service with BIT during that year, you will get a refund.
  • We have an all new informative website! Same URL address, same great cooperative, new look and feel!
  • New Security Plans! BIT now has new security equipment that is capable of turning your home into a “Smart Home”! Three plans to choose from, home or business!
  • We’re in the process of upgrading our Telephone Switch (the C15) to the latest software.
  • We are working hard to develop a 5-year strategic plan that will benefit the entire cooperative!


As we said, we’ve been busy! Here’s a look at a couple of our future improvements:

  • We will be implementing additional equipment to help provide higher speeds in the future.
  • We will be phasing out old switch equipment to new platforms to help keep us current and up to date