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Quick Specs

  • Description: BEC Wireless N Modem
  • Price: $149.99
  • Wireless “B, G, N” capable
  • 4 wired ports.
  • Default wireless channel: 1
  • Default user name and password to gain access to the modem: admin
  • IP address:
  1. To access modem type in into your browser.
  2. The following screen pops up.
  3. Type in admin for both the username and password as shown above and hit “Log In.”
  4. To set up the modem username and password for internet access, hit “Quick Start” at the top and then hit “Run Wizard” on the next screen.
  5. New screen shown below, just hit next.
  6. DO NOT change the admin account password, simply hit next and ignore creating a new admin password. Shown below.
  7. Time Zone: find Eastern as shown and then hit next.
  8. For “ISP Connection Type” select PPPoE/PPPoA as shown below.
  9. Type in the username and password for the account. The other categories (VPI, VCI, Connection Type should all remain defaulted).
  10. If you get the following screen below, you have probably done it correctly. Hit Next.
  11. On this screen, hit “Close.”
  12. Ensure the “Wireless” light is on and green on the front of the modem. If not, hit “Interface Setup” and then “Wireless.” Make sure “Access Point” has a check beside “Activated.”
  13. To set up a security password on wireless “G” only, select WEP on the “Authentication Type” and type the customer’s area code and phone number on “Key#1.”
  14. To set up “Wireless N,” under “Authentication Type,” select “WPAPSK/WPA2-PSK” and type in an eight to 64 digit security code in “PreShared Key.” This can be both letters and numbers or either of each. For information on wireless N, look at the PowerPoint.
  15. To just check BIT user name and password, log in, go to “Interface Setup,” then hit “LAN,” and look at the PPPoE/PPPoA section. Make sure “Username” and “Password” matches our records.