Looking for a fast and reliable way to navigate the world wide web.

Set your course with Fiber To The Home.




BIT and EMPOWER are currently working together to bring Ultra High Speed Broadband Internet to our combined service area.

 Please call for availability 434.636.2274  1.833.787.2522

Connecting Rural America! 

Current Construction Areas: Holly Grove Estates - Long Branch Shores...


Green -

Fiber To The Home is available.

Please call (434) 636-2274 to schedule your installation.


Orange -

The fiber network is currently under construction.

If construction has started and you have not received your information packet please email marketing@bitbroadband.com

o Dark Yellow -

The fiber network is coming to your neighborhood soon.

You will be mailed an information packet before construction starts in your neighborhood.



 If fiber construction is going on in your neighborhood and you have not already completed the Fiber Drop permission form please click here.



If you are a current fiber customer and would like to upgrade your service please click here.


Backup Power Annual Notice
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