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We have provided steps to help you locate your residence below.

If you are having difficulty locating your residence, you may come by the BIT office at 100 Nellie Jones Rd in Bracey.

We will have a computer in the lobby and an associate will assist you.



In this day and time, “state-of-the-art” means having a high-speed broadband connection. Smart is everywhere: smart phones, smart cars, smart tractors, smart factories, smart office buildings, smart homes, smart appliances and of course the smart grid. But this “internet of things” can create issues related to consumer density. Thus, BIT is exploring means to enable its customers to have access to the very latest “state-of-the-art” technology.

Now we need your help! BIT is asking the community to participate in a feasibility study to show interest in BIT providing the highest possible broadband speeds by deploying a “Fiber to the Home” network. BIT has implemented software to help in guiding this possibility of deployment, but it requires that we know if there is a sufficient demand from the members and the community; if so, BIT would plan its broadband infrastructure build-out dependent on that demand and interest.

Only Fiber-to-the-Home (delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber) can deliver the immense bandwidth that the online and video applications of the future will require. With such online options as feature length movies for download, online gaming, watching your favorite television programs and news online, as well as the option to upload your own movies to email and the internet for viewing by others, there is a higher demand for greater bandwidth than ever before. BIT wants to empower our customers with the fastest and most reliable network. Fiber-to-the-Home will do this.


But, deploying “Fiber to the Home” is expensive and must be accomplished in phases. Getting a project like this off the drawing board takes upfront capital and support from co-op members like you. We need your help! The survey PHASE 1 is now open! If you are a current landline subscriber, or if you live in the BIT landline territory, please participate in our survey by following the steps below that will help BIT identify areas of interest. Once you have found your residence or business, click the link to complete this very important survey.

Please help us too by spreading the word through your community about the survey. This is the means by which BIT can determine the feasibility. If you want Fiber-to-the-Home in your community or sub-division, please fill out the online survey. Without enough interest, BIT will have to forego the plan until such time as sufficient interest develops.

All verified survey submissions will be entered for a chance to win prizes! (Only one entry per location)

As always, BIT appreciates your continued support and patronage. We want to always be your communication’s company of choice, now and in the future. Let’s work together to get this plan underway!

Survey submission deadline: June 30, 2017

Phase 1 Survey


The map below shows the planned project zones for developing our fiber footprint.

As with any project, these plans are using the best available data but are subject to change due to unforeseen factors and user interest.

NOTE: Each zone has its own pricing structure based on each area's specific build-out cost and population density.


Phase 2 Commitment



Survey Directions:

How to find your Fiber Zone

1. Click the MapSearchIcon Icon then you will be directed to a new page. 

2. To locate your address on the map, click the magnifying glass MapSearchGlass and type your complete address into the field. (If you are familiar with Google maps you can just zoom into where you live and click in the gray area around your home.)

3. Click on your address when it pops up. A red dot or balloon will be placed near your address on the map. The gray around your         address is your Fiber Zone.

4. Then click in the gray area of the fiber zone that you reside in. A menu will pop up on the left.

5. Click the link to complete the survey. (Example:



If you need assistance please contact BIT at 434-636-2274 between 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday or stop by our office located at 100 Nellie Jones Rd. Bracey, VA 23919.

Fiber Project timelines are based on projected engineering costs and resource availability and may change. Check back often for updates to the proposed plan.

Zone Standings (Demand for Fiber)

The chart below shows the interest we have received for each zone shown above. To increase your zone demand, help spread the word and advise your neighbors and community.
Check back often to see the zone demands. Demand chart will be updated daily, Monday through Friday.
For questions, please call our business office.

Chart legend:
Green = Applications of Interest
Yellow = Total Applications Required for Phase 3
Blue = Total subscriber count for that area