BIT Communications is an authorized dealer of Dell computers. These computers come with a one year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defect for parts and labor. You get free set-up and delivery of your new computer.

If you have a computer that needs servicing, regardless of the manufacturer, we can service it at our store. In addition, BIT Communications can meet your networking needs ranging from the small and simple networks to the complex multi-user network.

Personal Service

The advantage of dealing locally with us is that you get personal and local service. Our knowledgeable technicians and sales associates can answer your questions personally-not from a call center thousands of miles away.

In addition, we can service your computer locally, thus eliminating the need to send the computer away for service, which can lead to downtime, loss of productivity and money to your business.

Peripherals, Parts and Accessories

Our retail store carries a wide range of specialty telephones, printers, keyboards, replacement cartridges and various other electronics and computer supplies. If we don’t carry what you need, we are happy to special order especially for you!


Computer sales and services are now located at
100 Nellie Jones Rd.
Bracey, VA