Capital Credit Entitlements

It is BIT’s (Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative’s) policy to review and update our account records periodically. Our records indicate that Capital Credits were refunded to customers on the list below, but the check was either returned in the mail or never cashed.

State law requires BIT (Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative) to report and remit the funds to the state if the customer does not claim the funds in a specified period. To prevent us from reporting and remitting the funds to the state unclaimed property office, please contact us as soon as possible.

Once we receive corrected customer information, a new check will be issued to the customer listed or the estate of the customer listed.

Click on the links below, you may find your name or the name of someone you know.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

If a customer's name appears on the list that is deceased the check can be claimed by the estate.

Please complete the following form. Capital Credit Claim Form Required for Deceased Members

Please send us your updated contact information Contact Information