1.Can you see the bottom of the  BEC antenna?

  • How many lights are green?
  • Which lights are green?



2. Do you see any physical damage of the cabling from the BEC antenna to the POE box?

3. Is the cable coming into the home from outside plugged into the left front jack of the POE?

  • Pinch the cable, pull it out and plug it back into the jack (you should hear a slight click).
  • Wait approximately 5 minutes, your service should be back up

4. Check the POE

  • Is the power cord firmly seated in the POE (5)?

6. Is the POE power plug plugged into a surge protector or power strip? If so, check to see if the strip is powered on.

7.Check the power source

  • Is the power cord to the surge protector or power strip seated firmly in the electrical outlet?

8. Is the electrical outlet operated by a switch and if so is the switch on?

9. Is the POE cable connected to a wireless router?

  • Check the connector plugged into the right front jack of the POE, pinch and pull the connector out, plug the connector back into the POE (you should hear a slight click).

10. Make sure the connector is plugged into the LAN port on the back of the wireless router.

  • Pinch and unplug the connector from the LAN port of the wireless router, plug the connector back into the LAN port of the wireless router (you should hear a slight click).

11. Are the lights on the wireless router active?

  • Check the power cord connections to make they are seated firmly in place.
  • Power cycle the router.
  • Is there an active connection hard wired?
  • Is the wireless turned on the device being used?

12. Can you connect hard wired?

  • Is one wired device connecting but not another?
  • If there is an open port try pinching the connector, pull it out and plug into another available port.

Keep in mind that all cabling and power cords are also a part of your network and could possibly cause an issue.