1. CPE Antenna installation
           pic1 2.Insert the power cord



  1. Press the power button to the right of where the power cord is inserted (See the picture above in step 2 for the square black button). The power button should be in to be on. When the power button is in the correct position the power light on the front of the CPE should come on and be green.



  1. The CPE will take approximately two minutes to boot and obtain a signal. Once a signal is obtained the 3G/4G light will turn green. If a signal is not obtained the 3G/4G light will remain amber colored and the CPE will need to be moved to another location in the home. Once the device is moved, power cycle and wait an additional 2 minutes for it to obtain a signal.

  2. If you are unable to obtain a signal with the CPE after moving to  two or three locations you should check to make sure the SIM card is properly inserted into the CPE. See below for proper SIM card insertion. If the SIM card is inserted properly, you may be in an area that BIT can’t server with an indoor unit and should call BIT to schedule an appointment to have an outdoor CPE installed at your home.

SIM Card Door. Should be able to easily pull this open with your finger from the left side.



SIM Card (White card circled in red) should have gold contacts facing down towards the arrow.



If the SIM card isn’t inserted completely there will be numbers visible on the SIM card when viewed from the top.


When the SIM card is properly inserted only a small portion of the card will be visible.


6. After the 3G/4G light turns green, the Internet light should turn green next. This usually takes less than one minute. If the Internet light does not turn, green then there may be a problem with the SIM card provisioning or the CPE is defective. Please contact BIT for support. Below is what a fully functional CPE should look like. The Ethernet 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 light may be green if any devices have been plugged into the yellow ports on the back of the CPE.


7. Once all of the lights have turned green you should be able to connect any wireless devices (laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.).  Make sure the wireless light is on. The name of the wireless network the CPE will broadcast will start with BIT_WirelessXXX (XXX being the last 3 digits of the MAC address). By default security is enabled so when you attempt to connect the BIT_WirelessXXX you will be prompted for a WiFi Key. The WiFi key is located on a sticker on the bottom of the CPE.


8.Attempt to open a few websites to ensure the connection is working and not just pulling      up old content that was cached in their web browser.

9.Non-wireless devices ex. Desktop computer, network printer, security system DVR, etc. Plug in an Ethernet cable from any of yellow Ethernet ports on the back of the CPE and into the device. The Ports are labeled from left to right as follows: WAN, 3, 2, 1. The WAN port is a multifunction port and can be used as a LAN port if ports 1, 2, or 3 have already been used. No additional configuration is required to use the WAN port as a LAN port.